Bringing fitness and wellness
solutions to the world.


For a brand that provides fitness and wellness solutions, and boosts health awareness, they needed something appealing that could be able to give a hint of who they are and what they do.

We were approach to bring their ideas to life, while implementing our unique standards.


  • Brand strategy and
  • Identity design


Being a startup, creating an identity system that aligns with their brand which in turn will help improve finances and awareness, our goal was to create something not only appealing, but uniquely identifiable from a far distance.


As always, we worked closely with the client, we were quick to dismiss any form of personal preference as this may not align with the business goals which obviously is to satisfy the targeted audience. We started off understanding the client problem in relation to the business side of things, from there, we moved to figuring out a solution. This involved setting up a mind map of words associated with the brand, from there we came up with tons of sketches linked with these words as well as the brand.


At the end, the result is a bold and reflective typeface combined with the unique symbol of health and exercise, this made it easy for the brand to be viewed and recognised from afar. Plus it also appealed to both the masculine and feminine structure, we made sure none was left out.

An appealing visual language

Highlighting Senyida’s personality and commitment to fitness and wellness solutions, as well as boosting health awareness, a “Get Well, Stay Well” tagline was created that if needed, could be attached to the logo. This also created a visual language for the brand.